Joshua 17:3, 4

Notice that the daughters of Zelophehad asked for their portion (see Numbers 27:4). They didn’t want their uncle’s portion.  They just wanted what was rightfully theirs. They wanted property “along with” their father’s brothers. They were smart enough to realize they could have it, but they didn’t demand it – they requested it. They were not male bashers. Christian women must avoid taking a cue from their secular sisters who have not allowed their bitter experiences to be healed by the love of our Father.

These women never lost their femininity. But they show us that being feminine doesn’t mean being a doormat. They didn’t tolerate injustice, nor did they become embittered. They used the power of a request. Because Zelophehad’s daughters challenged the system without violating the principles, Moses went to God and asked Him for help.

I know it is difficult to be ignored and not become disgruntled. Wise women, however, do not allow their emotions to overrule their ultimate goals and purposes. If there is are systems that have ensnared your blessing they need to be challenged, not attacked.  

Maybe no one would have listened to Zelophelhad’s daughters if they had not initiated a meeting to plead their case. Perhaps you who have struggled need to call a meeting. Get in touch with people in power and demand what you want or you may not get it. Speak up for yourself.

I believe this is a time when God want to pour out blessings, not just on his sons, but on his daughters. This is more than an extra check in the mail. It is time for directional changes and life changes. Start expecting a deluge, an outpouring. I don’t mean just wait on it. Prepare for it. Expect it. It’s going to rain in your life.

Because of the good things He wants to send you, God wants to heal every fear and insecurity and inhibition that would stop you from receiving. Use the power of a request when you ask for your blessing. When it comes, be ready for a downpour.